Trade Up To The GAC2500UGMA

Revolutionary DICKEY-john GAC2500UGMA moisture analyzer available from Seedburo!

GAC2500The GAC2100UGMA  Moisture Analyzer, one of GIPSA’ s official moisture meters and used by the majority of official licensed grain inspectors, is more accurate on moisture, test weight and temperature than any tester on the market today!

You may think ‘revolutionary’ is a big claim, but the new 149MHz test cell on the GAC2500UGMA has the widest legal moisture range at the lowest legal temperature: up to 20% moisture  corn at down to just  -4ºF !Imagine, finally being able to test frozen grain, that is revolutionary!

The GAC2500UGMA has an infrared temperature sensor that gives an instant and accurate temperature reading,  combined with the new 149MHz test cell, more consistent moisture and test weight readings too.

USDA/GIPSA and the Official Grain Inspection Agencies are now using the new GAC tester.    The current List price of the tester is $4,995.00

Seedburo offers the GAC2500UGMA with a trade in offer of up to $500 on Dickey-john GAC2100 series or Steinlite SL95 meters for any orders placed before October 15th, 2013.  

Seedburo and DICKEY-john have the most experience in the industry when it comes to moisture analyzing equipment and are considered ‘the names to trust’!

The Non-Legal For Trade model is the GAC2500AGRI, which is suitable for Farmers or Producers who want the same accuracy and dependability, but not all the other features.  The GAC2500AGRI farmer/ producer model is priced at $3,995.00.   

Our service and support office, AgPoint Precision LLC, in Plainfield, IL., is our authorized service center for all Dickey-john grain moisture testers, our Seedburo Model 1200D series or Motomco line of meters and our 8800 Series grain scales.

Please call us to place orders and to get additional information on this revolutionary change in grain moisture testing!

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