DICKEY-john Elevator-Quality Moisture Tester for the Farm

Dickey-John-GAC2500-Agri-Grain-Moisture-TesterAuburn, IL – DICKEY-john Corporation, the worldwide leader in grain moisture analyzers, offers the GAC® 2500-AGRI Grain Analysis Computer, an affordable moisture tester that provides elevator-quality readings on the farm. The GAC 2500-AGRI Grain Analysis Computer is designed to closely match the new Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm (UGMA)-compatible instruments in use at many local elevators and official check stations.

“With the advent of the new UGMA/149 MHz instruments developed for grain elevators, many farmers are looking for an affordable way to keep pace,” states Roger VanderKolk, DICKEY-john Product Manager. “The GAC 2500-AGRI Grain Analysis Computer provides the technology and usability the farmer needs to have confidence that his moisture reading on the farm will match the reading at the grain elevator.”

The GAC 2500-AGRI uses the newest analysis technology (149 MHz) to provide repeatable results, just like the GIPSA-certified as UGMA-compatible instruments at the elevator. One key benefit of 149 MHz technology is the reduction of grain calibrations required to deliver precise results. Additionally, the GAC 2500-AGRI has more accurate temperature sensing capabilities, allowing for measurements in extreme temperature conditions, including frozen and hot grain. Operation is also simplified with an intuitive color touchscreen, providing accurate results regardless of user skill level.

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